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A biography is a description or account of someone's life and the times, which is usually published in the form of a book or an essay, or in some other form, such as a film. An autobiography is a biography of a person's life written or told by that same person. A biography is more than a list of impersonal facts (education, work, relationships, and death), it also portrays the subject's experience of those events. Biography presents the subject's story, highlighting various aspects of his or her life, including intimate details of experiences, and may include an analysis of the subject's personality.

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Daniel Kahneman
Kahneman has written of his experience in Nazi-occupied France, explaining in part why he entered the field of psychology...
Doctor > USA
Born in: Tel Aviv > Israel

Arun Sarin
CEO of global mobile telecommunications company Vodafone Group Plc...
Businessman > USA
Born in: Panchmari > India

Abhishek Bachchan
Famous Indian Actor
Celebrity > India
Born in: Mumbai > India

François Quesnay
François Quesnay was a French economist of the Physiocratic school. The physiocrats were a group of economists who believed that the wealth of nations was derived solely from the value of land agriculture or land development...
Economist > France
Born in: Merey > France

Manjit Bawa
Bawa's older brothers encouraged him to pursue art. He studied fine arts at the School of Art, New Delhi between 1958 and 1963, where his professors included Somnath Hore, Rakesh Mehra, Dhanaraj Bhagat and B.C. Sanya...
Artist > India
Born in: Dhuri > India

Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati
Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati was counted amongst the most popular as well as most learned Yogis of the 20th century...
Spiritual Guru > India

Rexhep Qosja
Rexhep Qosja is prominent Albanian literary critic, and a pro-Albanian rights advocator. He has been active as a writer and political figure in the struggle for freedom in Kosova...
Activist > Albania
Born in: Vusanje > Yugoslavia

Samresh Jung
One of the finest Indian pistol shooters, Jung is a top-notch marksman, who has carved out a niche for himself in the arena of shooting.
Sports Person > Shooter
Born in: Haripur Khol > India

Martin Luther King, Jr
At the age of thirty-five, Martin Luther King, Jr., was the youngest man to have received the Nobel Peace Prize...
Activist > USA
Born in: Tennessee > USA

Dieter Zetsche
Act II for The Man Who Fixed Chrysler
Businessman > German
Born in: Istanbul > Turkey



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