What Rituals are Performed During Baisakhi?

What Rituals are Performed During Baisakhi?

In the morning, Sikhs visit the gurudwara (temple) to attend special payers. Most Sikhs strive to visit the revered Golden Temple in Amritsar or Anandpur Sahib, where the Khalsa was pronounced.

The Granth Sahib is bathed with milk and water, placed on a throne, and read. Karah prasad (sacred pudding made from butter, sugar and flour) is distributed.

In the afternoon, the Granth Sahib is taken out procession, accompanied by music, singing, chanting, and performances.

Sikhs also offer also kar serva by helping in the daily chores of the gurdwaras. This is a traditional symbol of humanity for all Sikhs.

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