What are Easter Celebrations?

What are Easter Celebrations?The dichotomous nature of Easter is reflected in the celebration of the festival. On one hand, the festival is a tribute to the Resurrection of Jesus while on the other, celebration of Easter heralds the advent of the spring season. Religious observations in churches, exchange of gifts, making flower bonnets and Easter eggs mark the celebrations of the spring festival. The forty-six-day Lenten season precedes the Easter celebrations. The Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter. The last week of Lent is said to be the Holy Week and begins with the observance of ‘Palm Sunday’. The Palm Sunday is so called, because on this day, Lord Jesus Christ succeeded in entering Jerusalem, where the crowds grandly greeted him by laying palms at his feet.

The holy week consists of many important events that lead up to Easter. The Holy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper, when the Christ prophesized his end and his resurrection and distributed bread and wine as his flesh and blood, respectively. The auspicious day of Good Friday commemorates the day of Crucifixion of Christ, and the Holy Week culminates with Easter Sunday, which is celebrated as the day of Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Apart from its religious significance, Easter has been regarded as the glorious occasion, which relieves people of the chilly winter and brings with it, the season of bloom – spring.

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