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How World Book Day is Celebrated?

How World Book Day is Celebrated?

One can get involved in celebrating the world book day by buying and reading some exciting and funny books from the market or popular book shops where all the favorite books based on brands, characters or authors are available. World book day celebration plays a great role in bringing kids closer to the books reading habits as well as creates interest in them to know about authors and other important things.

It was started celebrating throughout the world by the UNESCO for easily promoting the reading habits among kids, publishing and protecting the intellectual property using copyright. 23rd of the April has been a significant date for the world literature as 23rd of April of 1616 was the death anniversary of many great personalities.

The date has been decided by the UNESCO to pull worldwide people attention to pay tribute to the books and authors. It encourages people specially youngsters to read books, discover real pleasure and knowledge among books as well as creating new ideas for their extraordinary contributions towards the social and cultural development of the country or people. Giving a rose with each book purchase to the customer may motivate them to read books and feel respect.

World Book and Copyright Day celebration is specially carried out by the teachers, authors, publishers, librarians, all the public and private educational institutions, NGOs, working group of people, mass media and etc. Variety of programmes are organized on international level by the UNESCO National Commissions, UNESCO clubs, centres, associations, libraries, schools and other educational institutions.

Working group people are promoted for the library membership to get the collection latest books written by famous authors. Various activities like visual art, drama, workshop programmes and etc can aid more motivation to the people.

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