How is Navratri celebrated?

How is Navratri celebrated?

Navratras are celebrated with great vehemence especially in West Bengal where it is known as “Durga Pooja“. The Hindus in Gujarat celebrate it with nine days of Garba dance. In Chhattarpur Temple in Delhi, over a million devotees visit during these days.

During this period most of the Hindus go to Temples for prayers. At some places, clay idols of Goddess Durga are adorned with different weapons in her eight arms, riding a lion, with demon Maheshasur lying dead at her feet. For eight days these idols are worshiped and then immersed in river or sea-shore on the ninth day with great fanfare.

This period of Navratri also allows for recitation of sacred scriptures such as Durga Sapshudi from Markanday Puran. This narrates how Goddess Durga was blessed and provided with weapons by our Trinity of Gods to annihilate Maheshasur, the demon who had forced Gods to leave heaven and take refuge on earth. Musical recitations (Kirtans) by famous musicians are offered for the benefit of the Goddess and devotees.

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