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Are there such things as fairies?

Are there such things as fairies?Do you believe in fairies? You have probably read lots of stories about them, but possibly you don’t believe that they exist. Well, if you are doubtful about them, here’s a story that may well interest you.

In 1917 two young girls in Yorkshire borrowed a simple camera and took some photographs – which still have to be explained. They showed the girls in a copse behind their houses, apparently playing with and talking to fairies, little people about the size of a hand, with wings and traditional elvish faces. Of course, everyone said that the pictures were fakes, and that the girls, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths, had somehow tricked everybody. But when it actually came to examining the pictures the experts could find nothing to prove that the girls had tampered with anything on the camera or the film. It seemed that they really had taken pictures of fairies. Not content, the experts went to Yorkshire and gave Elsie and Frances a camera with specially marked film, and asked them to take some more photographs of the fairies. The girls did so, and the result was more pictures of the fairies. And still nobody could say that the photographs were anything but genuine. People have tried ever since to find something in the photographs which would prove that they were faked, but nobody has been able to do so, and the Yorkshire fairies have remained a mystery ever since.

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