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Which early settler’s life was saved by an Indian girl?

Which early settler's life was saved by an Indian girl?The first successful English settlement in North America was founded in 1607 by Captain Christopher Newport. It was situated on an island ad named Jamestown in honour of the king, James I, who had given the settlers their Charter. Newport later returned to England and Captain John Smith became the new leader. Early in 1608 he was exploring the Chickahominy River when he was captured by Indians. The chief of the tribe sentenced him to be killed but just as the executioner raised his club, Pocahontas, the chief’s daughter, ran forward. Taking the Englishman’s head in her arms, she begged for his life to be spared. Her father, Powhatan, was moved by her plea ad agreed to let Smith go free. Later she was persuaded to go to Jamestown, and there she married John Rolfe, a Norfolk man. Three years later, Pocahontas and her husband sailed to England. She was received at the court of James I, where her beauty was highly praised. Pocahontas fell ill in England and died in 1617, before being able to return to Jamestown.

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