What is a volantor?

What is a volantor?A volantor is a prototype of a flying saucer-style hovercraft. It is also known as VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) craft. It was invented by Paul Moller. It’s currently under development. ‘Volantor’ is a term coined by Moller meaning: a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft that’s capable of flying in a quick, nimble and agile manner. It has ducted fans powered by Wankel rotary engines. The fans allow for vertical take-off and landing and, once the vehicle is aloft, it relies on the ground effect to create a cushion of air that the vehicle sits upon while flying. The vehicle has only two controls, one for speed and direction and the other for altitude. The driver does not need to know flying but only needs to know how to control speed, direction and altitude.

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