What does the appendix do?

What does the appendix do?Some people believe that the appendix ‘catches’ things like fruit pips, and has to be removed when it is full. This is not true. In fact the appendix does nothing at all, and we would manage very well without it.

So, what is the appendix? The appendix is a small tube at one end of a large intestine. It is closed at one end, like a sort of pocket. The appendix has to be removed when it becomes seriously inflamed by an infection, which is quite common. Substances from the intestine enter the appendix and cannot easily get out again. If they stay there, these substances may harden, forming a plug, which aqueezes the appendix’s blood vessels. This can cut off the blood supply to the appendix, and an infection may easily arise. Pain starts in the stomach, and then is concentrated on the right side of the body. Then it is case of calling for the doctor and having the appendix removed by a simple and quick operation.

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