Loch Ness monster- does it exist?

Loch Ness monster- does it exist?The first recorded sighting of Nessie was in the year 565, when St Columba has a confrontation with the monster and ordered it not to harm people. It never has, although many people have been startled, if not frightened, by its sudden appearances.

Photographs have been taken of what people say is Nessie, and although scientists have tried to claim that the strange things shown in the photographs can be explained away as lumps of seaweed, otters diving, or cold tyres, many believe that there is a creature of family of creatures living in the dark waters of the Scottish loch.

Underwater photographs have been taken which show shadowy shapes which could be the monster, and these have convinced the famous naturalist Sir Peter Scott that the creature exists. Sir Peter believes that Nessie is related to the plesiosaur, a dinosaur which was believed to have died out about seven million years ago; if this is the case, then there must be a family of monsters in loch. One could not survive on its own. But many people will never be convinced until definite proof of the creature’s existence is found, and it must be admitted that now, when moster hunting is so popular, the Loch Ness area of Scotland is almost taken over by tourists trying to catch ca glimpse of Nessle. Perhaps if it was ever found and proof of its existence accepted, the tourist trade would slump, and although an old mystery might be solved, the people who run the Loch Ness hotels would not be too happy!

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