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How many kinds of clouds are there?

How many kinds of clouds are there?There are many kinds of clouds. They are always changing their shape. They are formed at different heights. There is different temperature at different heights. The clouds are formed according to the height of the moisture laden air.

Clouds which are formed at the height of thirty to fifty miles are called ‘noctilucent’ clouds. After these highest clouds, there are ‘nacreous’ clouds. These are formed at the height of twelve to eighteen miles from the earth’s surface. They contain dust and water particles. They are very thin and appear beautifully Colored. We can see them only in the night.

The next highest clouds are composed of tiny bits of ice. They are about five or more miles above the earth. They can be classified in three categories 1. Cirrus Clouds 2. Cirrostratus Clouds 3. Cirrocumulus Clouds.

1. The cirrus clouds appear featherly or threadlike.
2. The cirrostratus clouds are white and thin.
3. The cirrocumulus clouds are round and small.

The clouds which are found at the lower level than the above are composed of little drops of water. They are classified in following categories:

1. The altocumulus clouds are composed of rounded masses than the cirrocumulus clouds. They are formed about 2 to 4 miles above the earth.
2. The altostratus clouds are also found at the same height i.e. 2 to 4 miles above the earth. Their color is grey.
3. The stratocumulus clouds are about a mile high. They are lumpy and large.
4. The rain clouds are called the ‘nimbostratus’ clouds. They are also about a mile high. They are shapeless, dark and dense.
5. The stratus clouds are about 600 meters above the earth. They are sheets of high fog.
6. The cumulus and
7. Cumulonimbus clouds are ‘Cauliflower’ clouds. They are big and thick. Thunder and storms are brought by these clouds.

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