Amazing facts about animals

Amazing facts about animalsAmazing facts about animals

  1. A captive, great brown bear of Alaska, a close relative of the fabled grizzly bear, weigh about 650 kilograms!
  2. The female Emperor penguin comes to the land, lays one egg on bare ice, then immediately returns to the ocean. The male keeps the egg warm for two months until it hatches, by rolling it onto his webbed feet and convering it with his fatty lower belly. During this two months period the male does not eat!
  3. There are 2,000 varieties of bats, and most of them eat insects!
  4. The deadliest jellyfish, the sea wasp, has a poison which can kill a person in 20 minutes by paralyzing the heart!
  5. One square kilometre of land contains more insects than the total number of human beings on the earth!
  6. Milking a cow by hand or machine increases the amount of milk she produces far beyond what she would have produced if she had continued nursing her calf!
  7. If one of an octopus’ tentacles is cut off, a new one grows in its place!
  8. Although the owl cannot move its eyes, this bird can turn is entire head round completely and look behind without moving any other part of its body!
  9. Dogs turn around several times before lying, even on a rug in the house, because that it the way dogs in the wild used to flatten out the grass to make a comfortable bed!

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