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Why do we celebrate World Hepatitis Day?

Why do we celebrate World Hepatitis Day?

World hepatitis day is celebrated annually to encourage the common public for the early diagnosis, prevention and treatment from the hepatitis. Millions of people have been affected worldwide with the acute and chronic hepatitis and getting die in large number every year. People get stimulated through the celebration activities and know in detail about all the preventive and control measures of the hepatitis. It needs a broad level of awareness worldwide which is possible by getting participated in the events and activities in the nearest areas with the help of WHD toolkit. Some of the objectives of celebrating world hepatitis day are mentioned below:
  • To provides an opportunity to all focusing together on this issue.
  • To raise common public awareness about various forms of the hepatitis including means of transmission.
  • To strengthen people by letting them know about different measures like prevention, early diagnosis, screening, control and etc.
  • To increase the awareness about hepatitis A and B vaccines.
  • To get global response of the people in order to implement some solid steps towards the hepatitis.
  • To expand the educational areas for immunization, prevention, diagnosis and control.
  • To enhance the awareness about comprehensive care and treatment of people suffering from hepatitis.
  • To increase public awareness about the risk factors, remove social stigma and promote for early testing.
  • To implement new training methods and number of skilled medical professionals in order to enhance the quality care.
  • To promote various health and governments organizations worldwide for their active involvement in the event to create new strategies against hepatitis.
  • To promote professional staff members to actively participate in the event.


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