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How can malaria be prevented?

How can malaria be prevented?• Mosquitos breed in stagnant water – whether it is a nallah near your house, a pond in the neighbourhood or a water puddle near your house from a long time. Get them closed, cleaned up as soon as possible. Even plants in pots, bird baths, fountains etc should not hold stagnant water.

The water in the swimming pools needs to be circulated and chlorinated.
• If you store water in the house due to its shortage, close the container.
• Use mosquito screens, nets, fibre glass meshes or magnetic insect repellent screens for your windows if you live in a mosquito-infested area. If possible, avoid the time immediately after dusk to venture out especially so for children. If you need to, wear clothes that cover your body to a large extent. Cover the exposed parts with a mosquito repellent.
• Indoor residual spraying with an insecticide is also recommended.
• Insecticide treated bed nets should be used in areas where mosquitos and malaria are rampant.
• If travelling to a malaria-endemic area, chemoprophylaxis is given to travellers. Consult your doctor and discuss your travel.

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