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Do you really have salt water in your body?

Do you really have salt water in your body?The human body contains about 48 liters of water. But this body fluid is not pure water. It is actually a salt solution. Why is this so. According to one scientific theory, all land animals, including man, are descendants of organisms that once lived in the sea water, and when they left life in their body fluid. Thus, the body fluid you now have is salty.Since your body cells must have salt in order to live and work and since your body loses a certain amount of this salty fluid every day, that salt must be replaced through plant foods and meats which contain salt.

Many people living in tropical climates actually take “Salt pills” to help their bodies retain the great amounts of salt and water lost through excessive sweating. In ancient Rome, salt was so scare and valuable that Julius Caesar paid his soldiers in salt instead of money. The word “salary” comes from the Latin word salarium, meaning ‘salt money’.

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