Are men more prone to heart attacks than women?

Are men more prone to heart attacks than women?

Worldwide statistics show that men are twice as likely to die from heart attacks than pre-menopasual women. Oestrogen, either produced by the body or in the farm of Hormone. Replacement Therapy, appears to play a protective role in women. However, this protection decreases markedly with age and mortality rates for both sexes become comparable by the age of 70-80.

Funny Logics

  • According to a study conducted in Australia, women have sturdier hearts and they are less prone to coronary heart disease (CHD) than men, because of the lifestyle differences between them.
  • For example, men are generally more prone to smoking and stress.
  • It is nature’s way of compensating for the unfair treatment of the fair sex.
  • Just as they are more prone to heartbreaks.
  • Because a woman’s heart is used to rebuffing all attempts to attack it.

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