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Why is there a dodo in Alice in Wonderland?

Why is there a dodo in Alice in Wonderland?When Lewis Carroll wrote Alice In Wonderland, he introduced the nicknames of some of his friends The Lory was young Lorina Liddell, the sister of Alice on whom Carroll based his look. The Eaglet was Alice’s other sister Edith. As for the Dodo, this was Carroll himself.

Lewis Carroll was born January 27, 1832. In 1861, he decided to enter the chruch. He was ordained deacon but his hopes of preaching were dashed because he stuttered. This had the effect of provoking his listeners to laughter.

His real name was Charles Ludwidge Dodgson and when he introduced himself he would stuter: “Do-do-Dodgson.” That was why he wrote a Dodo into his great book. Lewis Carroll died January 14,1898.

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