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Who wrote the Bulldog Drummond Novels?

Who wrote the Bulldog Drummond Novels?His pen-name was Sapper, his real name being Cyril McNeile, born 28 September, 1888. He was the son of a naval captain and entered the Royal Engineers, (whose nick-name is The Sappers) in 1907. He served through the First World War, retiring from the army with the rank of lieutenant colonel in 1919.

He began his writing carees with Sergeant Michael Cassidy and other works inspired by the war but it was in 1920, with Bulldog Drummond, that his reputation as the author of exciting tales was established. This book, truly a classic among adventure stories was dramatised several times, filmed and enjoyed a great success.

The sequels to Bulldog Drummond were also best-sellers. They are: The Black Gang, The Third Round, The Final Count, Temple Tower, The Female of the Species, The Return of Bulldog Drummond, Knock-Out, Bulldog Drummond at Bay and Challenge. Cyril McNeile died August 14, 1937.

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