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What were the real names of the three musketeers?

What were the real names of the three musketeers?The names that the famous swordsmen assumed when they joined the French King’s bodyguard of musketeers were Athos, Porthos and Aramis. By these names they are known throughout Alexandre Dumas’ magnificent novel The Three Musketters.

It is not until the swashbuckling D’ Artangnan sets out twenty years later, that the true names of them all are revealed. D’ Artangnan, now Captain of the Musketeers, discovers that athos, the servere exmusketeer, is now the Count de la Fere who is living on an estate near the town of Blois.

The giant Porthos, so gentle and trusting the most lovable of the Musketeers has become the proud Seigneur du Vallon de Bracieux de Pierrefonds, a country gentleman still yearning for the days of high adventure. Aramis, always secretive, a born conspirator with an eye for the ladies, has entered the church and is now known as the Abbe D’ Herblay.

It is in Twenty Years After, the fast moving sequel to The Three Musketeers that D’ Artangnan meets up with his friends once again, but the days when the four good friends rode together, all for one for all are at an end. D’ Artangnan and Porthos, fighting in England in the ranks of Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads, come face to face with Athos and Armis who have joined the army of King Charles the First. All ends well for the four freinds, however. Their friendship as firm as ever, they part at the end of Twenty Years After, not knowing whether they ever will meet again.

This though, they do in the continuing saga of the Three Musketeers the long novel known as the Viscount of Bragelonne. The Viscount, hero of this book, is the son of Athos.

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