What is waithood?

What is waithood?Waithood refers to that period in the life of a young graduate when activities regard to settling down, such as getting married or buying a house are postponed until a job is found or enough money has been saved.

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Waithood (a portmanteau of “wait” and “adulthood”) refers to the period of stagnation in the lives of young unemployed college graduates in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, described as “a kind of prolonged adolescence”. It is a phase in which the difficulties youth face in each of these interrelated spheres of life result in a debilitating state of helplessness and dependency. Waithood can be best understood by examining outcomes and linkages across five different sectors: education, employment, housing, credit, and marriage.”

Waithood is considered to be a difficult and unpleasant period in life; without work, young people are unable to progress in other areas of their development, such as purchasing a home and getting married.

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