What is the name of the priest who is famous for solving mysteries?

What is the name of the priest who is famous for solving mysteries?It is Father Brown and his exiting adventures were written by Gilbert Keith Chesterton who was born in London, May 29, 1874. Next to Sherlock Holmes, Father Brown is probably the most original and eccentric detective in English fiction. He is timid and absent minded, and in his appearance is short and dumpy, with a round innocent face. He carries a large umbrella and has the air of someone who is unable to read a train time-table successfully, let alone solve a cunning murder.

Father Brown first appeared in the book entitled The Innocence of Father Brown, in 1911. Four more Father Brown volumes were to follow, namely The Wisdom of Father Brown, The Incredulity of Father Brown, The Secret of Father Brown and The Scandal of Father Brown.

GK Chesterton, who created Father Brown, was the son of a real estate agent in Kensington. He was educated at St Paul’s School and later studied art at the Slade school in London. He was proficient enough to illustrate the novels of his friend, Hilaire Belloc. However, it was to journalism that he finally turned. Soon he was prouducing essays and articles which were published in book form. In 1901 he married and three years later published the first of his popular fantasies The Napoleon of Nottings Hill. GK Chesterton died on June 14, 1936.

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