What is Ambedkar Jayanti?

What is Ambedkar Jayanti?

Ambedkar Jayanti is a festival observed on April 14 every year to commemorate the memory of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. This day is celebrated as birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar who born on this day in the year 1891. It is a public holiday in all of the Indian states. It is a customary tradition to pay homage to Babasaheb’s statue at the Parliament, New Delhi by the President, Prime Minister, Leaders of prominent parties etc. on this day. It is celebrated throughout the world especially by formerly oppressed communities who embraced Buddhism under his guidance. In India, large number of people visit Babasaheb’s statue at the prominent place of their village / city in procession with lot of fanfare of dhol, tasha, dance etc throughout the day and unto late night.

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