What is brand interest?

What is brand interest?Establishing a brand on the market is the true art of marketing. It’s not the product being consumed, but rather the image one has of it. Building a brand is not simply giving a product a name, but also creating an experience. This means keeping in mind the contact people have with the brand. A brand is a name, but when the brand is powerful, it makes a person think of much more.

The public establishes its preferences with the brand in mind. The brand is the business. We have a great brand awareness that can be built through sponsorships. Making a brand strong requires more than advertising. Brands represent more than the product: they represent a configuration of services, values, and promises made by the seller.

If consumers bought products without caring about services, and all products and benefits were the same, markets would be based exclusively on price. In that case, all companies would have to accept the price the market sets, and only the company with the lowest price would win.

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