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Bhagat Singh's article: नये नेताओं के अलग अलग विचार

Bhagat Singh’s article: नये नेताओं के अलग अलग विचार

Bhagat Singh wanted to impress on the youth of Punjab that they needed intellectual food and not emotional stimulus.

AFTER the change in the political setup in Delhi, several other changes followed, as anticipated. Prime Minister Modi took both Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel into his camp and ostracised Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Bhagat Singh and Subhas Babu are now supposed to be of the same school of thought. But was it really so?  It is better to find out what Bhagat Singh himself had written on that topic rather than peruse what others have written about him in the past, and those who are talking about him now.

Bhagat Singh‘s article, “नये नेताओं के अलग अलग विचार”, (Different Thoughts of New Leaders.) was  published in  Kirti magazine in July 1928. The magazine had a readership in Punjab and North India. In pre-Independence days, the Kirti Kisan Party was operating in the same area. The party was leftist, with close relations with the Communist Party. When Subhas Babu went to Germany via Afghanistan, he received the assistance of one Bhagat Ram Talwar, who was an active member of the Kirti Party.  Bhagat Singh was a radical. He worked for the upliftment of peasants and workers. He was an avid reader. The available list of books he read while in detention is simply amazing. He had written several articles, which are the testimony to his lucid writing and thoughts. In “नये नेताओं के अलग अलग विचार”,  Bhagat Singh wrote that the non-cooperation agitation of 1920 had failed, and by 1928  there was resurrection. New leaders were coming forward. Among them were Subhas Chandra Bose and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, both true patriots and ardent supporters of Independence for India. Bhagat Singh began by appraising the thoughts of some earlier leaders before Bose and Nehru. Thus, beginning with Sadhu Wasvani, he noted that Wasvani had no special place in the then political sphere, eulogy of the ancient times was his only programme; but he wielded influence on the minds of the youths. Bharat Youth Mandal was his creation. He wrote that Wasvani’s thoughts could be summed up in one sentence, “Go back to the vedas”. The same was the message of the Arya Samaj. Wasvani had said that because of the sages we have achieved so much progress that there would be no addition henceforward. He believed that the celestial power (shakti) was the need of the hour. Our nationalist movement must become a purifying mass movement; people should go to the villages to give help and medicine to the poor, so as to avert the class struggle.

Noting this, Bhagat Singh observed that Wasvani by nature was a poet, his emotionalism was like that of a mad man, and would achieve nothing, as it was all baloney. Turning to Subhas Babu, Bhagat Singh wrote that both Bose and Nehru had addressed some conferences on behalf of the Congress.  Independence was the ultimate objective of Bose. He put forth his views in the Maharashtra Congress conference.

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