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System of government: Sheikhdom
Capital: Kuwait City
Location: In the north-western corner of the Persian Gulf; land borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kuwait also includes several offshore islands
Area: 17,818 sq km
National composition: Arabs (about half are indigenous Kuwaitis and the rest are immigrants from other Arab nations)
Religion: Islam
Official language: Arabic
Currency: Kuwaiti dinar=1,000 fils
Administrative divisions: 3 governorates
Chief rivers: No permanent rivers
Climate: Hot and arid; temperatures reach as high as 70 degree C

Kuwait is a small, flat country with deserts, steppeland and a few oases in the interior. Only about 1,000 hectares of land are used to grow cereals, dates and vegetables.

However, revenue from oil sales has made Kuwait so reach that the country has no income tax and the government provides free electricity, natural gas for household use, education, medical care and even drinking water produced by expensive desalination plants. Enormous sums have also been spent on the construction of luxurious housing, including irrigated gardens.

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