Bleeding Heart

Bleeding HeartBleeding Heart — Dicentra is a genus of about 20 species of herbaceous flowering plants in the family Fumariaceae, native to Asia and North America. The common name, bleeding heart, is used for many of the species. This name comes from the appearance of the pink flower, which resembles the shape of a heart with a drop of blood descending.

Bleeding heart, Dicentra spectabilis, is a hardy spring-flowering perennial popular for its graceful form and beautiful blooms. Its outer petals are rosy red and heart shaped, thus suggesting its name, and the inner petals are white. The bleeding heart grows to a height of 0.6 m (2 ft). The plant remains in bloom for about six weeks, thriving in full sun or partial shade and with an adequate supply of moisture. It is a member of the family Fumariaceae.

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