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Jaani - Punjabi Lyricist

Jaani – Punjabi Lyricist

He doesn’t look for quiet corners, neither does he force himself to sit near a flowing river, and he definitely doesn’t need the pitter-patter of raindrops over his flat, to feel inspired. Punjabi music industry’s popular lyricist Jaani finds his words in the hustle-bustle of life. This young fellow from Gidderbaha, Punjab has given songs like Paani, Ek Taara, Jaguar, All Black, including the most-remembered Soch. A loner who can fit in a crowd of friends as well, Jaani is gearing up for his singing debut, as he talks about it and things that he feels strongly and not-so-strongly about! He opens the chapter with his heartfelt wish, as he likes to call…

Oh! I wish

It might sound funny or weird, but I want that someone should kidnap me and take me some place far. I had put up this wish on my Instagram account as well, though I got all kinds of replies for this. This still remains a wish.

My state of mind now…

I want to stop writing for at least two months, and then spend few days in the mountains, and few days in the liberating air of Mumbai.

I get my words from

I do feel that ambience plays a role in the process of writing. For instance, if I am in the lap of nature, I would be able to write a particular kind of songs. So, I like to write everywhere, even at a club or sitting among friends.

The pen & paper days

I don’t think writers these days move around with a pen and paper. Whenever I am hit by a thought, or a word, I quickly punch it in my mobile, or sometimes, go back and write it on my laptop.

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