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World Telecommunication Day

World Telecommunication Day

Message signals may be required to transmit over a distance, and we know this process as Telecommunication. Earlier, smoke signals, drums, semaphore, flags or heliograph were used to communicate messages to distant placed people. With modernization and development of technology the use of electronic devices such as telephones, television, radio or computers became common for telecommunication.

World Telecommunication Day is celebrated marking the founding anniversary of International Telecommunications Union (ITU) which was initiated in 1865. World Telecommunication Day is celebrated annually on 17 May. This day was first celebrated in 1969.

The World Telecommunication Day focuses to tone up national policies, fill up the technological differences, promote connectivity, foster global interoperability of systems and to curb on physical distances globally through internet, television, phone etc.

World Telecommunications Day is celebrated to increase awareness about the positives of communication technology among public. It also aims to make information and communication more accessible to people residing in remote and rural areas.

The day is celebrated with a different theme every year. The theme for World Telecommunication Day 1997 was “Telecommunications and Humanitarian Assistance”, for World Telecommunication Day 2005 it was “Time for Action”, for World Telecommunication Day 2006 it was “Promoting Global Cyber-security”, for World Telecommunication Day 2007 it was “Connecting the Youth, the Opportunities of ICT”, for World Telecommunication Day 2008 it was “Connecting persons with disabilities”.

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