World Forestry Day - 21st March

World Forestry Day – 21st March

World Forestry Day or International Day of Forests is celebrated worldwide every year on 21st of March at the international level in order to increase the public awareness among communities about the values, significance and contributions of the forests to balance the life cycle on the earth.

World Forestry Day: History

The World Forestry Day was established in the year 1971 at the 23rd General Assembly of European Confederation of Agriculture. And it was decided to be celebrated as an annual event celebration on 21st of March by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. World Forestry Day was established in the Conference of States members of Food and Agriculture Organization by voting to establish it. This event was originated in well planned manner to give support in contributing towards the public awareness about the importance of the forests.

International Day of Forests was first established in the year 2012 on 28th of November to be celebrated on 21st of March every year by the decision of the United Nations General Assembly by uniting the two international commemorations; the World Forestry Day and Forest Day.

Like other branches of the agriculture, forestry is also an important field which requires the public attention to be taken. It is very necessary for the common public to understand the forest value in our daily lives as a raw material source, local employment source as well as the national income source. Forests plays great role in gathering and releasing the water on the earth and maintain the flora and fauna habitat balance. Forests are the natural beauty on the earth which is very necessary to be conserved to go everything in balance.

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