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World Cancer Day - 4th February

World Cancer Day – 4th February

Why World Cancer Day is Celebrated

World cancer day is celebrated to make aware the normal people about the risk factors and preventive measures of the cancer to get prevented or its early detection. Generally, people suffering from the cancer are hated by the normal people in the society and behaved like an untouched person. There are various other social myths related to the cancer that normal people think that they would got cancer if they would touch or live with the person having cancer. The day is celebrated as well to remove such type of the social myths related to the cancer. It is celebrated to make the normal aware about all the reality of the cancer like its symptoms, causing factors, treatment, and etc.

Variety of events are organized at this day to show people that the person with cancer should not be treated separately, they should have equal rights to live like a normal person in the society and any relation should not be changed for them. They should be fulfilled their wishes by their relatives even if they have less chances of survival. It is very necessary to make them feel better like a normal person and should not make them feel that they are given some treatment for survival as they are dying. They must feel self respect and find a normal environment in their home and society.

Normal person should avoid being over-sympathetic to them or sharing their unsuccessful stories as it may make their pain and fear intolerable. They should be shared some positive stories to get boost their morale and make them feel energetic and self-confidence in order to defeat cancer or make their journey easy and happy.

According to the statistics, it has been noted that most of the cancer cases and cancer deaths (47% and 55% respectively) occur in less developed areas of the world. If it is not controlled, this condition may get worse by 2030. So, it is very necessary to get control over such situation at all the corners of the world.

During this event celebration people are promoted well about their healthy lifestyles, balanced diet, regular physical activity and weight management in order to reduce the risk of occurrence of cancers. They are promoted to get rid of their alcohol habits, unhealthy diet and physical immobility.

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