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Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Christmas is a Government holiday in India. It is one of the two major Christian celebrations that are officially observed around the world. Along with Easter, it is considered a high holy day and a time of great celebration for Christians.

SantaIn US & Europe, it is highly appropriate to throw a company Christmas party. The holiday’s emphasis is on “goodwill to all men,” and most Christians are comfortable having co-workers join the festivities, regardless of faith. It is appropriate to offer employees greeting cards or small gifts; an extra financial “bonus” is a tradition in many companies. Use discretion regarding the use of Christmas decorations in the office environment, as staff members of other faiths may be offended by an office-wide display. Christian employees may be allowed to decorate their own spaces discreetly, so long as it does not infringe on the space of those of other faiths.

Christmas is a Government holiday. All government offices, schools, banks, the stock market and most businesses are closed. Many closings begin December 24, or in the late afternoon of that day. In US, the federal government and other organizations remain closed through January 2. Christmas is one of the two most important and universal religious observances (the other being Easter) for Christians. People often travel great distances to visit family for Christmas. It is not unusual for many people to take the entire week off from work between December 25 and the first of January. Christian employees expect to have at least the day of December 25 off, and most are allowed to leave work early on the afternoon to evening of December 24.

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