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Asthma may lead to bone loss
People suffering from asthma may be more prone to bone loss as researchers have now discovered links between asthma and a decrease in bone mineral density...
Asthma > Tests & Diagnosis
New Delhi > India

Now, a blood test to help diagnose asthma
Researchers have come up with a new easy blood test which can diagnose asthma much more accurately and faster...
Asthma > Tests & Diagnosis
New Delhi > India

Tips for tackling asthma during pregnancy revealed
Asthma is one of the most common diseases that can complicate a pregnancy...
Asthma > Living With
New Delhi > India

Fibre rich diet may ward off asthma
Eating a diet rich in fibre can protect against allergic asthma by triggering changes in the immune system...
Asthma > Living With
London > United Kingdom

High vegetable intake and exercise can help ease asthma symptoms
The study, which was conducted on 437 adult asthma patients, was done to find out the connection between lifestyle habits, like drinking, exercising and eating, and the degree of symptom control.
Diet & Fitness > Healthy Habits
New Delhi > India

Tips to cope up with spring allergies
Million of people will be sneezing and wheezing in the coming spring months...
Allergy > Overview
Washington D.C. > USA

Junk food may cause asthma, eczema in kids: Study
Gorging on junk food thrice a week may lower immunity in kids
Asthma > Living With
London > United Kingdom

Pregnant woman exposed to pollen make baby prone to asthma
High pollen exposure in the last three months of pregnancy increases a baby's risk of contracting asthma...
Pregnancy > Before Delivery
Madrid > Sweden

Researchers uncover genetic cause of eczema
Researchers have uncovered a genetic cause of a type of eczema most common in infancy that also affects millions of adults around the world with dry, itchy and inflamed skin lesions...
Beauty & Skin Care > Skin Care
Oregon > USA

Men with belly fat aere in for decreased bone strength, bone loss
Men with belly fat are ripe candidates for bone loss and decreased bone strength...
Diet & Fitness
Washington D.C. > USA



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