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Smoking doubles rheumatoid arthritis risk
Smoking just a few cigarettes a day can double the chances of a woman to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, a research has shown...
Smoking Cessation > Overview
Stockholm > Sweden

Pregnant woman exposed to pollen make baby prone to asthma
High pollen exposure in the last three months of pregnancy increases a baby's risk of contracting asthma...
Pregnancy > Before Delivery
Madrid > Sweden

Increase Your Beauty: Get Enough Sleep
That advice may sound like it falls into the same category as Always tuck a tissue up in your sleeve, you never know when you'll have to blow your nose...
Sleep > Overview
Stockholm > Sweden

Low-fat dairy foods reduce stroke risk
People who drink low-fat milk and eat low-fat yogurt and cheese are at a lower risk of stroke as compared to those who consume full-fat dairy foods, a new study has claimed...
Diet & Fitness > Healthy Habits
Stockholm > Sweden

New Drug Might Reduce an Alzheimer's Marker: Study
An experimental drug might lower a marker of Alzheimer's disease seen in the spinal fluid of patients with mild to moderate disease, a small new study finds...
Drugs > Expert Advice
Gothenburg > Sweden

Car, TV owners at higher risk for heart attack
Car owners with a television are 27 percent more likely to suffer heart attacks than people who have neither, according to a global study on physical exercise and heart disease...
Heartburn & GERD > Overview
Uppsala > Sweden

Obesity During Pregnancy Increases Children's Risk of Asthma
This study that was published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, showing that mothers that were considered obese during pregnancy were putting their unborn children at risk for asthma...
Pregnancy > Before Delivery
Stockholm > Sweden

Are Coffee Drinkers Less Prone to Aggressive Breast Cancer?
Women who drink a substantial amount of coffee each day may lower their risk for developing a particular type of breast cancer...
Cancer & Chemotherapy > Prevention
Stockholm > Sweden



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