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11 Warning Signs of Depression
Do you (or someone you're concerned about) really have depression, or is it a case of the blues? It's not always easy to tell the difference, especially when there's a good reason to feel down...
Brain & Nervous System > Overview
Madison > USA

10 Things Your Bladder Says About Your Health
Bladder problems are often associated with the very old and infirm. But guess what? Adults of all ages, including many who are seemingly healthy, can have unusual bladder symptoms...
Diet & Fitness > Healthy Habits
Madison > USA

Doctors warn about Facebook use and teen depression
Add 'Facebook depression' to potential harms linked with social media, an influential doctors' group warns, referring to a condition it says may affect troubled teens who obsess over the online site...
Brain & Nervous System
Madison > USA

Hearing loss reportedly common in middle aged adults
It seems that cases of hearing loss are on a rise among middle-aged adults. A latest study undertaken by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health suggests...
Ears & Hearing > Treatments
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