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Why is the Bermuda Triangle considered mysterious?

So far more than 1000 people have lost lives in this area...

Last Updated On: Sunday, September 30, 2007


bermuda_triangleThe Bermuda Triangle or Devil's Triangle is a mysterious region in the North Atlantic ocean in which more than 50 ships and 20 planes have disappeared during the past two hundred years. This area is bounded on its three sides by Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. The triangle extends between latitude 25 degree to 40 degree N and longitude 55 degree to 85 degree W and covers an area of 3,900,000 sq km (1,500,000 sq mi).

As soon as a ship reaches this region it fails to send radio signals and disappears mysteriously. The most notable was the loss of U.S. nuclear submarine 'Scorpion', in May 1968. In December 1945 five bombers on a routine training were also lost. A rescue mission also vanished in this triangle. So far more than 1000 people have lost lives in this area.

Although there have been many attempts yet nobody has been able to unravel its baffling mystery. Some scientists believe that violent downward air currents destroyed the ships and planes and swift ocean currents carried wreckage away. Some others maintain that there is a strong magnetic field in this area which cuts away the radio signals. But, so far, nobody has been able to put forth a fully convincing account.

Swift Ocean, Strong Magnetic Field