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What is the function of a cat's whiskers?
The most perfect organs of touch are the vibrissce or whiskers of the cat, which act as long levers in communicating...
Animals > Cat
Mumbai > India

Dew Ponds
Dew pond is the name applied to certain shallow saucer-shaped basins which usually contain a supply of water even during prolonged drouths when ordinary ponds at lower levels dry up...
Earth > Nature
Karnatak > India

The largest species is the Indopacific Crocodile, Crocodylus porosus, which may exceed lengths of 20 feet...
Animals > Crocodiles
Karnatak > India

Chopsticks were then invented to serve as efficient tools to pick up morsels of food and rice...
Earth > Culture
Beijing > China

Birds [VII]
Hints on Bird Watching...
Birds > Migrating Birds
Bangalore > India

Birds [VI]
Body-Structure : Birds are animals that are covered with feathers. The skeleton of a bird is rather like that of a man...
Birds > Migrating Birds
Chennai > India

Birds [IV]
In the breeding season, territory is occupied and mates, mates are wooed, rivals are fought, pairing takes place and then duties of nesting and parenthood start..
Birds > Nesting
Singanallur Lake > India

Birds [III]
An experienced bird-watcher can look at a forest, meadow, lake, swamp or field and predict almost exactly what birds he will find there...
Birds > Migrating Birds
Bharatpur > India

It is a great joy to watch these beautiful and graceful creatures. They always appear so busy, flying here and there, now hopping, now running about, chirping, singing, splashing and preening, taking great care to look neat and clean...
Birds > Migrating Birds
Bangalore > India



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