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Shaktishali Pahadi Bakre - Ibex
Wild goats are animals of mountain habitats. They are very agile and hardy, able to climb on bare rock and survive on sparse vegetation...
Animals > Goat
Tibet > India

Few birds in Chilika
Number of birds found taking shelter in Chilika, the biggest waterfowl habitat in the country, has come down during this summer as compared to last year...
Birds > Migrating Birds
Berhampur > India

Venus, Jupiter and Mercury will dance in spring twilight
Later in May, you can watch Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury pirouetting through the tightest gathering of three naked-eye planets that the world will see until 2026...
Earth > Solar Eclipse
Washington D.C. > USA

Earth Day observed in Nagaland
Need of the hour is to create awareness among all stakeholders, including school children, NGOs and women, for protecting the environment...
Earth > Culture
Kohima > India

Is the earth quaking more than it used to?
It looks like that but actually earthquakes are not increasing in number...
Earth > Earthquake
New Delhi > India

Where have all my sparrows gone?
With World Sparrow Day on March 20, bird lovers say it is important to make the city environment conducive to sparrows...
Birds > Nesting
Bangalore > India

Climate change may super-size sweet potatoes
Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may double the size of the hardy sweet potato...
Earth > Global Warming
San Francisco > USA

World to be 4C hotter by turn of century
The world may turn into a hot kettle, with temperatures rising by four degree Celsius, by the end of this century...
Earth > Global Warming

Vulture numbers rise up for first time in 20 years, study shows
The country's vulture population has increased for the first time in two decades...
Birds > Nesting
Chennai > India

Scores of cranes die in Muktsar village
Pakki Tibbi village of Muktsar district, where hundreds of common cranes were found dead a day earlier...
Birds > Nesting



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