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The Banjaran Mother
Rajasthani Folktales: somewhere in Rajasthan there lived a nomad who owned a big herd of sheep, goats and oxen...
Festival > Mothers Day
Jaipur > India

A Great Sacrifice
Panna placed her own sleeping son Chandan, on the bed of Uday Singh...
Bravery > Rajasthani
Chittor > India

Phiroza and Viramdeo Songira
Rajasthani Folktales: Kanhardeo accepted the proposal of marriage, but put up three conditions. He asked 12 lakh of rupees, three years' time for building a suitable palace at Jalore and performing marriage ceremony as per Hindu rituals...

Nihalde and Sultan
Rajathani Folktale - Near the village, village women in their colourful dresses were busy getting water from the well. They were singing the famous Rajasthani folk song Panihari...

Justice By Parables
Rajasthani Folktales: one of the princely states of Marwar there ruled a king called Karni Singh...



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