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The Sadhu
One day, Birbal decided to make the great emperor stop and think about life...
Trickster > Akbar & Birbal
Delhi > India

The Nightingale
Travellers from every country in the world came to the city of the emperor, which they admired very much, as well as the palace and gardens

The Neighbouring Families
In the evening, when the gnats were playing about in the warm air and in the red clouds, the nightingale came and sang to the roses that the beautiful was like sunshine to the world

The Mouse who Lived in the Lion's Cave
While this was happening in the lion's cave, some hunters were laying a trap for the king, a short distance away. They wanted to catch the lion alive and then sell him to a circus

The Mountain Craftsman
Danilo was always called the Mountain Craftsman because of his work, there was none could come near him. So they were well off

The Fox And Her Children And Nekhailo The Loafer
Ukrainian Folktales: Nekhailo came to vineyard with a scythe. He tried to cut down the grass, but could not, so thick had it grown. So then he thought for a moment

The Four Musicians of Bremen
The donkey and the dog lay down under a big tree, the cat climbed into the branches and the cockerel flew right to the top

Murtiman Propkar [In Hindi]
Hindi moral story about a poor fellow

Murdock the Mouse
Murdock's brother was playing with his friends, right in the middle of the dining-room floor, which is very dangerous place to play. Suddenly, Marmalade

How can I pull out My Well?
The king was extremely pleased with the Diwan. But others were restless



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