Folktales is a general term for different varieties of traditional narrative. The telling of stories appears to be a cultural universal, common to basic and complex societies alike. Even the forms folktales take are certainly similar from culture to culture, and comparative studies of themes and narrative ways have been successful in showing these relationships. Also it is considered to be an oral tale to be told for everybody.


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Sadhu Aur Nartaki  - Hindi
Intentions in one mind while a work is much more important...
Moral > Greediness
Delhi > India

Ek Balti Doodh  - Hindi
Hindi Folktale with good moral...
Moral > Greediness
Kanpur > India

Mango Charm
The young man did so. But the charm did not work ever again because he had misused it to satisfy his greed...
Moral > Greediness
Chandigarh > India

Lobh Aandha Kaar Deta Hi  - Hindi
Next to the Godavari river, there was saimal and a mango tree...
Moral > Greediness
Tamil Nadu > India

Sunhera Pakshi  - Hindi
Once upon a time, a lazy businessman...
Moral > Greediness
Faridabad > India

Sukhia  - Hindi
A folktale about two neighbour one simple another very clever...
Moral > Greediness
Dighwara > India



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