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Sadhu Aur Nartaki  - Hindi
Intentions in one mind while a work is much more important...
Moral > Greediness
Delhi > India

Ek Balti Doodh  - Hindi
Hindi Folktale with good moral...
Moral > Greediness
Kanpur > India

Mango Charm
The young man did so. But the charm did not work ever again because he had misused it to satisfy his greed...
Moral > Greediness
Chandigarh > India

Lobh Aandha Kaar Deta Hi  - Hindi
Next to the Godavari river, there was saimal and a mango tree...
Moral > Greediness
Tamil Nadu > India

Sunhera Pakshi  - Hindi
Once upon a time, a lazy businessman...
Moral > Greediness
Faridabad > India

Sukhia  - Hindi
A folktale about two neighbour one simple another very clever...
Moral > Greediness
Dighwara > India



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