Folktales is a general term for different varieties of traditional narrative. The telling of stories appears to be a cultural universal, common to basic and complex societies alike. Even the forms folktales take are certainly similar from culture to culture, and comparative studies of themes and narrative ways have been successful in showing these relationships. Also it is considered to be an oral tale to be told for everybody.


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The Little Elder-Tree Mother
The little elder-tree mother had suddenly become a charming young girl, but her dress was still of the same green material, covered with white blossoms, as the elder-tree mother had worn...

Three Boons
Merchant realized his mistakes and he repented his greediness...

Lazy Brahmin and seven fairies
He was so hungry that he wanted to eat all the seven in one sitting...

Varun and Dhara
They lived with their uncle and aunt. Aunt was very unkind and made them do all the household chores. She did not give them proper clothes and good food...

Aniz the Shepherd
A Xinjiang (Uygur) Chinese Folktale...

The Story of the Three Genjias
A Tibetan Folktale from Sichuan Province...

The Gold Colt and the Fire Dragon Shirt
A Han(Chinese) Folktale...

One day, not so long ago, a special new doll arrived at the toy shop. Fresh from the factory in her very own box, the dollís name was...

It's Amma's Birthday Tomorrow
Nikini was a little girl. She lived with her mother and father, in a house near the woods. She was very friendly with the animals in the woods...

Sri Lanka Folklore: Finbo was so big fish, it was very easy for his Friends to Find him.



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