Folktales is a general term for different varieties of traditional narrative. The telling of stories appears to be a cultural universal, common to basic and complex societies alike. Even the forms folktales take are certainly similar from culture to culture, and comparative studies of themes and narrative ways have been successful in showing these relationships. Also it is considered to be an oral tale to be told for everybody.


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Sone Ki Phasal - Folktale in Hindi  - Hindi
It was certain that Dantu was going to die, but before that he played a trick...
Ludhiana > India

Eklavya Ki Kahani - Hindi Mein  - Hindi
Ekalavya aspired to study archery in the gurukul of Guru Dronacharya (Drona), the greatest known teacher in the use of weaponry and martial art knowledge at the time...
Moral > Inspirational
Hastinapur > India

Raja Aur Mahatama  - Hindi
Inspirational short Hindi story about a king and Mahatama...
Moral > Inspirational
Raigarh > India

Sadhu Aur Nartaki  - Hindi
Intentions in one mind while a work is much more important...
Moral > Greediness
Delhi > India

Raja Ki Teen Seekhein  - Hindi
Short Moral folktale in Hindi Language
Moral > Inspirational
New Delhi > India

Pachhtava  - Hindi
Heart Touching story in Hindi
Moral > Inspirational
Kanpur > India

Ek Balti Doodh  - Hindi
Hindi Folktale with good moral...
Moral > Greediness
Kanpur > India

Prem Aur Paramatma  - Hindi
Ramanuja was a Hindu theologian, philosopher, and scriptural exegete, born in a Tamil Brahmin family...
Moral > Inspirational
Surat, Gujarat > India

Gold Coins
Akbar decided to test the new minister. He gave three hundred gold coins to him and said...
Trickster > Akbar & Birbal
Agra > India

When Goddess Lakshmi Begged
Long Long ago there was a king in Jaiselmer whose name was Rawal Prithvi Singh...
Festival > Diwali
Jaisalmer > India



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