Usha’s Dream

Many years ago, Vana, the King of demons, pleased Shiva with his devotion. For his great tapasya, he won a boon that he would remain invincible to all, both on the heaven and the earth. Vana had a beautiful daughter named Usha. Her great friend and constant companion was Chitralekha, the daughter of one of Vana’s ministers. As Usha grew up, she began to wonder who her husband would be. She did not like any of the demon princes or her father’s young friends.

It was a strange night! It changed Usha’s life forever. She dreamt of a handsome prince who sat beside her and smiled at her, looking deep into her eyes. Usha fell in love with him instantly and woke up to find that it was only a dream. But something deep within her told her that this dream meant something significant and that such a prince must exist somewhere.

Usha was no longer her old self. Her love for the dream prince was so real that she could think of nothing and no one else. She went around lost in her own thoughts, longing for him and missing him with all her heart. Her friends teased her, especially when they realized that she had no idea who he was and had merely seen him in her dream.

“Come on, Usha, wake up!” said her friends. “You can’t take a dream that seriously.” “I can’t help it. I can think of nothing else,” said Usha looking miserable. “I know he must exist somewhere. I also know that I cannot live without him, whoever he is”.

“But that’s the whole point! You don’t even know who he is. You don’t know if he is real, what his name is and where he lives,” said her friends.”How on earth will you ever find him? Where will you begin? You know absolutely nothing!”

“I know all that. Nevertheless, I have to find him. I have already accepted him in my heart as my husband, and shall wed no other man,” said Usha. The others laughed and thought she had gone crazy. But Chitralekha realized how serious Usha was and decided to make an attempt to find out if such a person really existed.

Chitralekha was a very talented artist, and could draw anyone’s portrait very accurately. “If I were to draw portraits of all the young kings and princes, would you recognize your dream prince, if he happens to be one of them?” asked Chitralekha.

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