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Holland Flowers Festival

February 22, 2012 - February 26, 2012

Holland Flowers Festival

Agriculture > Fertilizers

CNB - Cooperative Netherlands Bulb Centre > Lelystad > Netherlands

Last Updated On: Sunday, November 29, 2015


Start Date

: February 22, 2012

End Date

: February 26, 2012


: Agriculture > Fertilizers


: Holland Flowers Festival


: CNB - Cooperative Netherlands Bulb Centre


: Lelystad [Netherlands]


: 0228-511644




Event Profile
Holland Flowers Festival will be a trade show entirely dedicated to the flower bulb trading, its associated aspects and tools and equipments for the same. The show will be a very important ground for meeting prospective buyers who will get to interact with the exhibitors coming from various sections of the flower trade.

Holland Flowers Festival will be highly beneficial for the flower industry, which is a major business sector in the Netherlands. Business of flower tubers mainly tulips is highly significant to the region, which is why this event will be highly significant to the flower traders to enhance their business possibilities in the region by displaying their products and services.

An extensive showcase of flowers, Consumer Fair.

Visitor Profile
Holland Flowers Festival was visited by more than 25,000 visitors in its previous edition and in the upcoming one too there will be thousands of visitors who will be thronging the venue. Retailers, flower shop owners, nursery owners, stockists, flower decorators, gardeners, florists and many general buyers will be attending the expo. These visitors will get to know about the latest in the industry and be benefited in the long run.

Exhibitor Profile
Holland Flowers Festival is going to be a trade show for the flower industry in Holland. In this trade show, many exporters, importers, companies, flower traders, enterprises, nursery owners, suppliers and dealers associated with the flower bulb trade will be participating. New varieties of bulbs, fertilizers and tubers of various types will be the products that the exhibitors will be bringing along to this expo.

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