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Food Hospitality World

June 12, 2014 - June 14, 2014

Express Hospitality

Agriculture > Meat Products

KTPO Whitefield > Bangalore > India

Last Updated On: Monday, November 30, 2015


Start Date

: June 12, 2014

End Date

: June 14, 2014


: Agriculture > Meat Products


: Express Hospitality


: KTPO Whitefield


: Bangalore [India]


: 91-2267440000




Event Profile
Food Hospitality World ranks as one of the top Indian hospitality sector trade shows. The show serves as a convenient business platform for more than 80 leading exhibiting companies, who display an extensive array of cutlery items, glassware, food and beverages, refrigeration systems, gourmet and frozen foods, kitchen accessories and food decoration accessories to more than 2000 visitors. Participants are provided with ample scope to expand their corporate networks at the show and the latest happenings from the domestic and international hospitality sectors are closely looked into during the event. Several special events are organized during the show, including the Hospitality Knowledge Forum, the Wine World and The Great Indian Culinary Challenge. High net worth buyers attend the show in large numbers, together with other qualified customers and professionals from the food and hospitality sectors. The show is billed as the largest trade event of its kind in the entire country.

The main highlights of the Food Hospitality World show can be listed as under:
1. The Great Indian Culinary Challenge.
2. Hospitality Knowledge Forum.
3. Wine world.
4. Spa and Wellness World and
5. Hospitality Concepts.

Visitor Profile
Food Hospitality World draws in more than 2000 visiting participants at each of its editions. Eminent professionals from the food and hospitality sectors, including hoteliers, bar managers, chefs, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and catering service providers, take part at the show on a regular basis. Representatives from leading wine clubs, restaurants and food courts are also present here. The show is also attended by several qualified and high net worth consumers.

Exhibitor Profile
Food Hospitality World is attended by more than 80 professional exhibitors, showcasing different types of food, beverage and hospitality sector products to the visitors at the show. Some of the main items of exhibit here are coffee machines, kitchen equipments, refrigeration units, cutlery and glassware, bakery items, fruits and spices. Frozen food items, meat and poultry products, non alcoholic beverages, edible oils and food decoration accessories are also showcased during the event. A number of renowned corporate houses come to exhibit their products at the show.

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