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Celebrating Vivaha Mumbai

July 25, 2014 - July 27, 2014

Vintage Publications

Apparel & Clothing > Jewellery

JW Marriott > Mumbai > India

Last Updated On: Monday, November 30, 2015


Start Date

: July 25, 2014

End Date

: July 27, 2014


: Apparel and Clothing > Jewellery


: Vintage Publications


: JW Marriott


: Mumbai [India]


: 911126854070




Event Profile
Celebrating Vivaha is one of the finest wedding exhibitions in the entire Asian continent. The show is attended by prospective brides and grooms in large numbers at each of its editions. Several eminent professionals from the wedding and consumer lifestyle industry are also present at the show and the latest trends and patterns prevailing in these sectors are closely deliberated upon. Over the years, the show has constantly grown in scope, both in terms of the quality as well as the variety of the items that are put on exhibit here. Several types of products are displayed at the show by the attending exhibitors, with dresses and apparel, wedding jewelry, cosmetics, trousseau and numerology and astrology services being some of the chiefly showcased stuff at the event. Exotic and convenient honeymoon destination ideas are also provided to the visitors, together with other lifestyle-improvement solutions.

The prime highlighting features of the Celebrating Vivaha show can be listed as under:

1. Showcases an extensive range of wedding and lifestyle-improvement products and services.
2. Highlights the latest innovations in this sector.
3. Focused to develop the Indian wedding markets and
4. The show is billed as one of the largest of its kind in Asia.

Visitor Profile
Celebrating Vivaha draws in a large number of visitors on a regular basis. Prospective brides and grooms attend the show, together with other wedding shoppers and industry fashion experts. Wedding designers, beauty experts, honeymoon service providers, astrologers and numerology experts also participate at the event. Other expert professionals from the matrimonial industry are present at the show too.

Exhibitor Profile
Celebrating Vivaha boasts of nearly 60 exhibiting participants, displaying a wide array of wedding and consumer lifestyle-related products and services to the show attendees. The chief items of exhibit at the show includes wedding apparel, fashionable jewelry items, cosmetics, classy trousseau and suits, elegant packaging solutions and other high-quality lifestyle-improvement products. Honeymoon travel options are also discussed at the show and visitors can also avail of convenient numerology and astrology services here as well. Wedding boutiques, gifts and furniture are also exhibited during the show and companies like Rumi Creations and Mehta Brothers Jewellers come to exhibit their products at the event.

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