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Arablab The Expo

March 17, 2014 - March 20, 2014

The Arablab Group

Medical & Pharmaceuticals > Health

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre > Dubai > United Arab Emirates

Last Updated On: Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Start Date

: March 17, 2014

End Date

: March 20, 2014


: Medical and Pharmaceuticals > Health


: The Arablab Group


: Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre


: Dubai [United Arab Emirates]


: 97143975418




Convoked at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Arablab Group, the Arablab is emerged out as one of the highly dedicated trade fair for various laboratory and instrumentation of the Arab region. It is 4 days event which proves to be powerful in attracting buyers and sellers from over 70 nations. Some of the major exhibitors include food analysts pharmacists, food chemists, forensic scientists, chemists metallurgists etc.

Seminars- World innovation in portable infrared temperature measurement, new in thermal analysis and thermal conductivity measurement and many more.

Visitors include Analytical Chemists Laboratory Administrators, Laboratory Safety Officers, Marine Biologists, Medical Directors, Microbiologists, Environmental Health Officers, Petroleum Chemists, Environmental Scientists, Pharmaceutical Scientists, Food Analysts Pharmacists, Geologists Quality Control Engineers, Instrumentation Engineers, Research Directors, Water Analysts.

Exhibitors includes Analysts Lab Technicians, Analytical Laboratory Engineers, Biochemists Laboratory Supplies Officers, Biomedical & Chemical Engineers Medical Laboratory Technologists, Chemists Metallurgists, Environmental & Pharmaceutical Scientists, Food Analysts Pharmacists, Food Chemists, Physicists, Food Hygienists, Food Technologists, Forensic Scientists, Quality Control Analysts, Hazardous Waste Specialists, R & D Analysts, Health & Safety Inspectors, Histopathologists.

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