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ASI Show San Diego

April 2, 2012 - April 4, 2012

ASI Show

Media & Advertising

San Diego Convention Center > San Diego > USA

Last Updated On: Thursday, November 26, 2015


Start Date

: April 2, 2012

End Date

: April 4, 2012


: Media and Advertising


: ASI Show


: San Diego Convention Center


: San Diego [USA]


: 800-546-3300




Event Profile
ASI Show is going to be all about industry networking and finding solutions to various challenges that are faced by industry professionals. This trade show will bring together various experts who are going to offer tips and valuable information on topics related to market and its challenges in modern day business. For deriving maximum benefits out of business, this event s a must attend.

ASI Show will be an amazing base for forming networks and learning about fresh ideas to kick start businesses that are stagnant. Products related to business developments and strategies for enhancing business prospects can be availed at the show. It will help the business sectors in San Diego seek help of the experts who will be present at the show.

Primary highlights of ASI Show are:
Power sessions
Concurrent education programs
Networking sessions.

Visitor Profile
ASI Show will be visited by entrepreneurs, business development experts, market analysts, business owners, sales professionals, advertising professionals and many others from various business sectors. There will be many programs at the show which will help them communicate and understand their products before buying them for their betterment. More than 3000 distributers will be attending the show among them around 86 percent are authorized buyers and rest from various companies and southwestern states. More than 85 percent attendance will be from Southwest and other areas will also have major attendance.

Exhibitor Profile
ASI Show will be exhibiting promotional products, like mugs, T-shirts and many other knick knacks for developing business. This strategy is owned by several entrepreneurs in America to derive huge profits from their businesses. Distributors and suppliers of such services and products will be present at the show with offers which will be highly lucrative to the buyers. There will also be various opportunities and ideas provided at the show which will help in making more money by generating sales. They will also be showcasing various tools for improving the overall business opportunities in the present market. Ampaco Inc and Blooming Promotions are some of the exhibitors to the expo.

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