Teej Festival Facebook Covers

Teej Festival Facebook Covers For Students

Teej Festival Facebook Covers: Teej is a generic name for a number of festivals that are celebrated in Nepal, Northern and Western India. Haryali Teej, Kajari Teej and Hartalika Teej welcome the monsoon season and are celebrated primarily by girls and women, with songs, dancing and prayer rituals. The monsoon festivals of Teej are primarily dedicated to Goddess Parvati and her union with Lord Shiva.

Hariyali Teej is a fasting festival for Hindu women married or unmarried, celebrated for marital bliss and the wellbeing of their husbands. Hariyali teej is the 3rd day of the first fortnight in the Hindu month Shravan. It is a celebration of the new look of the earth after a very hot and dry summer. On this occasion women worship Goddess Parvati and they fast for the long life of their husband. It is believed that Devi Parvati underwent great penance and prayed continuously so that after 108 births and rebirths Lord Shiva accepted her as his wife.

Teej Festival Facebook Covers

It is common for married women to visit their parent’s home on the occasion of Hariyali Teej. The ladies usually dress in green saris and wear new set of bangles. They sing Teej songs in groups as they swing in groups in gardens in vicinity of their homes.

In some parts of the country, the girl’s parents send special gifts to her in-laws home on this auspicious occasion. The gift box commonly known by the name of Sindhara contains sweets prepared at home, a Ghewar along with some heena and bangles for their daughter.  The festival is celebrated by girls and married women with much fanfare in Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar.

The festival holds significance for both married ladies and unmarried girls. While the married ladies pray to Goddess Parvati for a blissful and a happy married life, the unmarried girls pray to Lord Shiva to gift them with a caring husband.

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