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Dussehra Greetings
Dussehra is celebrated all over the country, to memorialize the victory of goodness over evil...
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Celebrating Dussehra in India
In northern India, plays and dance performances known as Ramaleela, depicting the life of Rama, commonly take place in the lead up to Dussehra day.
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Significance of Dussehra
It is the day when Lord Rama killed the ten headed demon king Ravana and gave the throne of his kingdom Lanka to his brother Vibhishana.
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At Ramlilas, their only religion is acting
Deepesh Massey plays the role of Bali in the Ramlila at Red Fort lawns...
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Dussehra Legends
Dussehra is celebrated with great fanfare in India. It is the culmination of Navaratri, observed for nine days...
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Holi in Bhil Tribes of North West India
The Bhils in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have their own special way to mark the festival. It is interesting to note that these tribes have retained many of their pre-Hindu customs...
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Holi in Bihar
Holi is celebrated with the same fervour and charm in Bihar as in rest of north India. Here too, the legend of Holika is prevalent. On the eve of Phalgun Poornima, people light bonfires...
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Patna > India

Holi in Delhi
Delhi being the capital and the heart of India, celebrates Holi with extreme enthusiasm...
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New Delhi > India

Holi in Goa
The energetic people of Goa do not lag behind the rest of the country when it comes to Holi celebrations. The festival of spring is called Shigmo in Goa...
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Panaji > India

Holi in Gujarat
The vibrant Gujarat reverberates with the chants of the folk song-'Govinda ala re, zara matki sambhal Brijbala..'. People, specially the youth of the state are high on the spirit of the festival...
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