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Significance of Dussehra
It is the day when Lord Rama killed the ten headed demon king Ravana and gave the throne of his kingdom Lanka to his brother Vibhishana.
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Celebrating Dussehra in India
In northern India, plays and dance performances known as Ramaleela, depicting the life of Rama, commonly take place in the lead up to Dussehra day.
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New Delhi > India

At Ramlilas, their only religion is acting
Deepesh Massey plays the role of Bali in the Ramlila at Red Fort lawns...
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New Delhi > India

Dussehra Legends
Dussehra is celebrated with great fanfare in India. It is the culmination of Navaratri, observed for nine days...
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Ayodhya > India

Dussehra Greetings
Dussehra is celebrated all over the country, to memorialize the victory of goodness over evil...
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Chandigarh > India

Tradition of Holi
The colourful festival of Holi is celebrated by different names in this vast and culturally diverse country. The traditions followed for the festival varies a little and at times a lot as one moves from one state to other studying...
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Natural Colors of Holi
Learn How to Make Natural Holi Colors at Home...
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Holi in Uttar Pradesh
Celebrations in UP are not just restricted to Mathura and Vrindavan. Rather, every nook and corner of the state gets wrapped in the multitude hues of the Holi...
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Lucknow > India

Holi in Tamil Nadu
People of Tamil Nadu celebrate Holi around the legend of Kama Deva. On this day, songs are sung that tell the pathetic tale of Rati and her lamentations...
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Chennai > India

Holi in Rajasthan
The colourful state of Rajasthan plays Holi much the same way as Mathura. A night before the full moon, crowds of people gather together and light huge bonfires...
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Jaipur > India



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